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Welcome to Re:connect where our mission is to realign your Spirit with your Intention.  To do this we assess your daily life practices and habits to achieve harmony with your life’s purpose.

You have found this site because you are looking for an alternative approach to dealing with what you are facing.  Maybe someone you care for has received a diagnosis and needs help.  It could be a diagnosis you’ve received for yourself or your child, or perhaps you are waiting for one. This could be a new situation to you, or perhaps you’ve been dealing with it for sometime, using modern western approaches and are now looking for other options.  Whatever has brought you here, know that you are welcome.

We are energy practitioners. All life is comprised of cells which are a manifestation of energy. Each cell has a vibrational pattern and when these cells bunch together creating a plant, or an animal or a person, these cells vibrations create a network of energy or an electrical field.  As energy workers we work with our client’s unique energy field.  We bring peace, light and trust to the client, allowing them to become a perfect, healthy person if that is the intention of their Spirit.  Our names are Christina Haverkort and Michelle Scrimgeour-Brown.

We began working together in the fall of 2012, and discovered that when we combine forces during treatments the symptoms of our clients are exponentially improved.  After some time of practicing energy medicine together, we realized the scope of our work is really unlimited, and actively began seeking clients with other chronic conditions.

And thus, Re:connect was born.

Together we treat kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Diamond Blackfan Anemia and all types of cancer, including terminal.  In all cases improvements were noted, almost immediately.  You can read more about this in our case studies section.

Have a look around our site and please – be in touch with us, for we would be honored to work with you.